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Federal - DOL Seeks Public Input on Paid Family Leave

On July 15, 2020, the U.S. Department of Labor announcedRequest for Information (ROI) about the impact of paid family and medical leave on America’s workforce. Specifically, the DOL’s Women’s Bureau is requesting comments on the effectiveness of current state- and employer-provided paid leave programs and the impact that access or lack of access to paid leave programs has on women and their families. According to Women’s Bureau Director, Dr. Laurie Todd-Smith, “Expanding workplace flexibility has long been a priority of the Women’s Bureau. Paid leave may also be valuable in enhancing the upward mobility of women workers and the well-being of American families.”

The information provided will help the DOL identify promising practices related to eligibility requirements, related costs, administrative models of existing paid leave programs, and access to information about paid leave. The ROI’s comment period will remain open for 60 days after its publication in the Federal Register. Here are instructions for submitting comments to the Federal Register.